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Your money is safe, M-Shwari reassures customers

Commercial Bank of Africa has explained the circumstances that resulted into thousands of M-Shwari customers being unable to access their accounts the past few days.

CBA, which runs the mobile money bank accounts for the service, has further pledged to undertake specific reconciliation of customers whose new Savings and Lock Savings Accounts were assigned new account numbers following the massive outage over Christmas period.

Inconsistencies in M-Shwari account balances occasioned by the outage has left many M-Shwari customers in panic, with a majority complaining that they have been unable to access their cash.


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But in a paid up statement published on Saturday in the local dailies, CBA’s Group Managing Director Isaac Awuondo reassured the affected customers of a complete return to normalcy by close of business on Saturday.

“We are undertaking specific reconciliation of these customers’ activities to ensure that they are aligned to the appropriate transacting accounts. We expect this exercise to be concluded by 6.00pm on Saturday, 30th December 2017,” Awuondo said.

Awuondo also explained that the outage was occasioned by emergency maintenance activities on M-Shwari systems and apologised to the customers for the inconveniences caused.

“We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to our customers for the M-Shwari service outage, which started on Saturday, December 23 at 11.30pm to Monday, December 25 at 10 pm,” he said.