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Ziwani grounds continues to host Koth Biro to endless empty political promises

The dusty Ziwani grounds in Nairobi is yet again the centre of attraction this festive season, as players and fans converge at the venue for a piece of the annual Koth Biro football tournament.

Even with some foreign-based Kenyan players such as Paul Were, Jesse Were and Anthony Akumu finding time to play in the competition, the Ziwani pitch remains every professional football player’s nightmare.

This tale has severally been reiterated by world class players in the mold of former Sevilla Malian striker Freddie Kanoute and former Everton player Leon Osman, who both suggested the need for a better playing pitch at the venue.

Curiously, over the years, this pitch has consistently been the subject of a myriad of empty promises from, you guessed it right, politicians. Here’s to a few.

1. Maina Kamanda – In 2013, the then Starehe Member of Parliament promised to assist in renovating the facility. While attending a Koth Biro game at the venue, he said:

“We will put up a new fence and make sure we improve this pitch.”

Four years down the line and with Kamanda no longer the area MP, the conditions remain unchanged at Ziwani grounds.

2. Evans Kidero – In his stint as Nairobi governor, between 2013-2017, Dr Kidero, besides gracing the annual tournament, also dished at the occasional goodies to the competing teams and players. He once promised to revamp the facility into a fully fledged stadium complete with terraces. That never happened.

3. Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar – In all fairness, the area’s current lawmaker still has plenty of time to fulfill a pledge he made to revamp the facility while on the campaign trail in July. Only time will tell.

4. Peter Kenneth – Same old, same old…