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Zari gets roasted for sitting on grave of ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has angered her social media followers after posting a picture of herself sitting on the grave of her ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

The picture has widely been deemed as ‘inappropriate’.

Zari had captioned the picture thus; “Bin a min bro, passed by to see how u keeping. Gone but not forgotten.”

The message saw most of her fans offer messages of condolence and words of encouragement. However, others were not pleased by the gesture.

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Bin a min bro, passed by to see how u keeping. Gone but not forgotten?

A post shared by zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on

One particular fan, identified as sidesaysk, was bashed by others for a virulent attack on the socialite.

Below are some of the responses.

[email protected] kwanii aliekuambia ukipoga (sic) picha makaburini zinaungua nani?

africanbeaty_Sorry sweetheart . Alafu kuna mtu kalazimishwa ku comment?! Muacheni mdada wa watu fool, akipiga juu akitaka aingie na ndani nyie shida yenu nini !? Humpendi don’t omment cz najua ku unfollow hamuezi

yucute139 He’s not your bro! He was your ex-husband Zari jamani

ray_officially sasa huyu cameraman/women ulimwambiaje twende kwenye kaburi la ivan unipige picha au ulimuambiaje [email protected]

Zari Hassan is  married to Tanzanian music star Diamond Platinumz. She is currently in her homeland in Uganda after her mother was hospitalized.