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Why this Zambian man has become the darling of Nairobi women

A Zambian man, who has been writing about independent women, is quickly become a favourite of Nairobi ladies.

City women have been sharing George Mtonga’s posts on how an independent smart woman is way much better than a submissive one.

Mtonga’s lessons have gone often gone viral as Nairobi women share them while arguing that Nairobi men fear independent women.

In one of his posts, which was shared over 4000 times, Mtonga extols the virtues of independent women.

“I have always dated women who shouted at me when I first met them… or argued with me… once I see this side of a woman, I become interested. I’m like damn girl… she has her own business and hustle, and smart like crazy,” the post reads in part.

Mtonga’s goes on to state how educated women help the children as they make career and college choices while at the same time helping their men attain the best in their workplace.

“Don’t define your manhood based on how weak your wife is around you, or how submissive. Define it by how independent she is, strong, educated, and make sure all your boys know around her she will speak her mind. And she serves them out of being nice, not because she is a woman… And that’s her job,” he wrote.


Mtonga’s post attracted numerous comments from Zambian and Kenyan women praising him.

A user, Joe Genie Karanja tagged a Ritho Joyce and wrote, “Be my Miss Independent.”

Nadia Kalima tagged a Munene Kinyua Jr. and wrote, “Read this and share it to your boys.”

Vammo Vincent Abuya commented, “These Miss Independent are also looking for Mr Independent too. Who sorts out his meals, laundry, job issues and sometimes even sexual needs.”

A Zambian, Jacci Simukoko commented, “Sadly not a lot of men can handle a strong woman. Forgetting that ‘behind every successful man is a strong woman’. Most men are intimidated by a strong woman’s shine.”