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Yummy before being a mummy

Nothing can ever truly prepare a woman for pregnancy.

Apart from all the changes happening to your body, just figuring out what to wear and how to look stylish and be comfortable can bring the most balanced mum-to-be to tears.

The good news is your individual style does not need to take a back seat simply because the baby is growing. 

Style sense

Kim Kardashian, who is as famous for her fashion hits, as her misses, certainly did not shy away from expressing both extremes of her style sense during her pregnancy, and neither should you — with emphasis being on the hits of course!

If you are a first-time mum and are hoping eventually for other children, it may be wise to invest in pieces that will remain timeless and are not necessarily the style de jour, as trends can be as unpredictable as the ocean’s waves.

The timeless pieces shall carry you through and allow for use in subsequent pregnancies. Try not to break the bank, because they will not be used again once you are done having babies.

Fashion is pain I have heard it said, but this is one phase of a woman’s life where comfort trumps all. This is in no way an excuse to embrace frumpy, tent-shaped creations that would be better suited as sails on a ship! 

In creating your pregnancy ward robe, invest in clothes that offer great support. Support shouldn’t be confused with anything tight.

Fabrics that stretch while letting your skin breathe are a plus so look out for linen, cotton or cotton/ lycra fabrics, and raw silk. 

Play with colour —it’s a baby you are expecting and I can’t think of anything more colourful!