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This is what youngsters think of #IfikieWazazi campaign

Kenyan youngsters have savagely dismissed an online campaign that sought to expose them for posting nasty pictures on social media.

The trending hashtag #IfikieWazazi started on Wednesday with an aim to expose teenagers who post nasty pictures on social media to their parents, guardians or relatives.

Although there was a public outrage over how youngsters indecently expose themselves, a few of the young people have responded harshly to the hashtag.


#IfikieWazazi: Kenyans expose youngsters behaving badly on social media

Other than the video of an unidentified girl who boldly bashed the propagators of the #IfikieWazazi campaign telling them to mind their own business and let young people exercise their freedom, two more videos have emerged on social media.

“Like you boys have very stupid aims though, if I decide to show off my body, like it is mine, I will show it off till the day I die. And if you don’t like it b***h die first,” said the girl.

The unidentified girl appears to have garnered support from fellow young people who also gave their video response bashing the critics.