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Yet another woman assaulted in Kasarani matatu

A female student at a Nairobi university has recorded a statement at Muthaiga Police Station after being assaulted in a bus by a male passenger.

Christie* was seated at the back seat of a bus when a man next to her moved his hand and touched her breast.

According to Starehe OCPD Barasa Wambomba, the lady then positioned a sewing needle that was in her bag to face the direction of the man and the latter was pricked every time he moved towards her.


“The two exchanged words and even at some point fought. We have detained the man at Muthaiga police station as the lady goes for a medical checkup,” said Mr Wabomba.

He added that the man will be charged with indecent assault.

The lady narrated to  Nairobi News how two men had boarded the bus and joined her at back seat. One of the men who sat next to her then started moving his hands towards her breast.

“I was carrying a bag and when I saw him moving his hands closer I placed it on my chest to defend myself. He kept moving his hands and so I asked him to move,” Christie told Nairobi News on phone from Muthaiga police station where she was recording her statement.


The man moved from the back seat to the front seats near the door and kept hurling insults at her while other passengers looked on.

As the bus approached the CBD, Christie moved to a seat next to the door waiting to alight.

The man swore he would not allow her to alight and will deal with her.

As she tried to alight, Christie says the man slapped her and beat her up, prompting the bus conductor to alight to seek help.

“After a while the conductor came with a plain-cloth policeman who restrained the man and asked him why he was beating me,” she added.

The man then claimed to have been acting in self-defense, stating that Christie was the one who attacked him.

The officer directed the bus crew and some of the witnesses to proceed to Muthaiga Police Station and record statements.

Christie has obtained a P3 health form from a dispensary and is still at the police station filing the case.