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YELLOW BOXES: City motorists face up to Sh100k fine

City motorists will be fined up to Sh 100,000 if they breach into newly introduced yellow boxes at intersection in the city centre.

City Hall will slap a fine of Sh 100,000 for an offence on driving without due care and attention and Sh 50,000 for obstruction.

“Section 49 of the traffic rules states that those driving without due care and attention be fined Sh 100,000 and section 53 obstruction be fined Sh 50,000 for first offenders,” said City Hall’s director of public communications Beryl Okundi.

City Hall introduced the Yellow Boxes at junctions to help ease traffic in the Central Business District (CBD). The Yellow Boxes have been placed at intersections that are notoriously congested.

This includes intersections along Kenyatta Avenue, Mama Ngina Street, Wabera Street, City Hall Way and other areas with crossed junctions (X junctions).

Motorists are only allowed to enter a Yellow Box junction when the exit is clear and there is enough space on the other side of the junction for their vehicle to clear the box completely without stopping.