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Here is how the world will end, preacher Owuor shows off video

Behold, the Armageddon will be here sooner than you imagine. This is according to self-styled prophet David Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness ministry.

The preacher made the announcement on Monday during a stopover at a boutique along Kimathi Street.

Hundreds of followers blocked the entrance of the shop after spotting him at the upscale boutique.

But even before he could pray, the prophet demonstrated through a video clip and images, how the end of the world is manifesting itself.



“You must abandon sexual sin and other obscenities that God abhors for Him to bless you,” he said to a rapturous applause from the crowd.

Business ground to a standstill for nearly one hour during the afternoon visit opposite Nation centre, with his motorcade of seven luxurious vehicles, aides and armed police blocking the street.

Owuor prayed for the sick, joblessness among the youth and even disasters that have been witnessed in the country in the last few months.