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Non-custodial sentence for woman who stabbed husband’s lover to death

A mother of two who killed her husband’s lover has been spared time in prison after a judge found that she was provoked.

Jane Chemng’eno Tanui will serve probation for two years, for killing Linnet Chebet, three years ago.

Passing the sentence, Justice Mumbi Ngugi wondered why Ms Tanui’s husband, Bernard Lang’at was not charged.

Lang’at fled his house leaving the two women fighting.

Evidence presented in court shows that Lang’at arrived at his house at Kapkoren estate in Kericho County accompanied Chebet on the night of June 21, 2005.

Ms Tanui was already asleep with her 12-year-old son and he demanded that she prepares dinner for him and his visitor.


When she inquired who the visitor was, Chebet answered that she was Lang’at’s girlfriend and they were having an affair and shared a child.

Chebet accused Tanui of not taking care of Lang’at, paving way for the illicit affair.

Judge Ngugi heard that Tanui requested Chebet to leave the house but she refused and insulted her, instead.

There was a bitter exchange and Tanui decided to drag her out of the house.

Chebet then slapped Tanui in the face and it was then that she reached for kitchen knife and stabbed her once.

She fell unconscious. Scared, Tanui screamed for help. By then, Lang’at had fled. Neighbours came and tried to resuscitate her.


She was taken to Kapkorech health centre but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The casual labourer at Unilever was arrested and charged with murder.

The offence was later reduced to the lesser charge of manslaughter. She pleaded guilty.

The mother of two pleaded with the court for forgiveness saying she regrets the incident.

She informed the court that her two children were now staying with her mother, after the husband fled and remarried.


“If being a dastardly cur, the only term that seems to me to adequately describe the accused’s husband, was a cognizable offence, the accused’s husband should be facing charges,” the Judge said.

She said while one woman was cold in her grave and the other languishing in custody for two years, the “author of all the trouble”- the husband, had moved on.

Justice Ngugi said the two years she had spent in custody was sufficient.