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Woman who ‘killed son and cremated body at Uhuru Park’ charged

A woman who allegedly killed her nine-month-old boy then cremated his body at Uhuru Park Nairobi using torn clothes has been charged.

Margaret Nduta, who upon interrogation by police confessed that she took the life of her son due to prolonged sickness, will be examined by psychiatrists at the Mathare Mental hospital.

Ms Nduta who spoke in court alleged she opted to cremate the boy since she had no money cater for funeral expenses.

“Police found Ms Nduta sitting next to the smouldering body of the deceased at Uhuru Park Nairobi County on June 27, 2016,” a prosecutor told the court.


The magistrate, Mr Francis Andayi, heard the accused – a mother of five – did not flee even when police zeroed in on her.

“She sat watching the body of her son Said Hassan Juma Karanja burn,” the investigating officer said in a detailed statement availed to court.

The officer from the police department that deals with criminal cases against children said, “After investigating this case, I decided to charge the child with infanticide.”

But Ms Nduta, in an outburst in court, pleaded, “I have five children and can only remember the first born Abraham and Elizabeth.”


The suspect further went on to state that she has eight siblings and that “she does not know where they are.”

Mr Andayi directed that the suspect be taken for mental examination then have a report filed in court regarding her status.

The magistrate, however, said he will allocate the case a trial date should the medical report indicate that she is fit to stand trial.

The magistrate also said a further report will be required from the probation department in respect of the accused.

“Besides the medical report also a probation officers report is necessary in respect of the accused,” Mr Andayi.

Ms Nduta is charged with burning Said Hassan Juma Karanja on June 27, 2016 using clothes at Uhuru Park Nairobi.