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Woman bites house-help for wasting water

A woman in Eastleigh sank her teeth on the shoulder of her house-help over what she claimed to be wastage of water.

Esther Namakalo, 22, was washing utensils when her employer approached and scolded her for wasting water on a day taps in Eastleigh had remained dry due to water rationing.

The house-help claims she was slapped twice then bitten on her shoulder by her angry employer who left teeth marks. 

“I was washing utensils as usual when my employer came and questioned why I was misusing water. She slapped me twice and went ahead of biting me on my shoulder. Previously she had threatened to discipline me,” said Namakalo.

The incident was reported to the Eastleigh chief who wrote a letter of summoning the employer.

“I went to report the issue to the chief who gave me a letter to summon my employer. She refused to go unless the police came,” added Namakalo.

Namakalo has recorded a statement at Pangani police on the incident.