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Smooth talking woman schools wives on how to speak to their husbands – VIDEO

A man’s suggestion on why most Kenyan marriages end up in divorce has left the online community in stitches.

The Facebook user going by the name Stephen Wanga posted a video on Kilimani Mums and Dads, of a woman having a conversation with her husband on phone.

This might sound normal but what fascinated netizens was her polite words and sweet voice as she tried to compel her husband to send her cash via mobile money.

The woman spoke in fluent Swahili making others speculate that she is Tanzania due to her mastery of Swahili language.

Mr Wanga asked Kenyan women to borrow a leaf from the lady as it might in some way help to foster a loving relationship.

“If hivi ndio wanawake wanatalk na wanaume sidhan if kungekua na divorce,” posted Wanga alongside the video.