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Woman invites trolls for DJ Pierra’s baby weight, big mistake!

DJ Pierra Makena seems to has found defense in women who have viciously defended her baby weight in a recent post online.

A user had shared a comparative photo of DJ Pierra’s body before and after she delivered her baby while inviting trolls to comment about her new body.

Women descended on the user calling her names asking why she was body shaming a fellow woman.

The post had been shared on Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums and for one’s members defended DJ Pierra withal their energy.

One woman commented, “B***h sit down. Leave Makena alone. Wengi tumenona after kuzaa. No news.”

Another added, “She’s struggling with baby weight and you here dissing her… Let her be… its her body and she still look hot.”

One member wrote, “She will get her body back. She is still hot. I respect motherhood. It’s worth every curve.”

DJ Pierra Makena. PHOTO | NATION
DJ Pierra Makena. PHOTO | NATION

“She looks good… I was also very skinny hadi my mum used to wonder if I’ll ever be big but after baby number 2 woi ? hata kuna watu hunipita but Alhamdulillah everyone tells me I look better now atapungua tu if she wants to,” wrote another mum.

“Most of us have gone through similar transformation especially after babies. Any woman who wants to body shame Pierra should take a chill pill and sit at a corner,” another added.

“I’m still struggling with mine…I wish people knew how difficult it is to shed off baby weight,” one stated.

“Motherhood can do that. If you bounced back immediately to your pre-baby weight thank God, not everyone is as fortunate. Otherwise she still looks good,” another commented.

“I was size 8 @ 62kg before I gave birth. Wen I gave birth aki niligain to 80kg. Hubby alikuwa ananisho ati mtu anaeza kalia ass yangu. Wengine kuniuliza kwani nimeefura uso. Nkt. Esteem yangu iliwa down. But after 6 months nikaanza kuloose…nko 73 sasa,” another narrated.