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Woman in court for taking Sh15m mortgage with forged signatures

A woman who allegedly faked a management consultant’s signature claiming he was her spouse and took out a mortgage for a Sh15 million property in Ngong is facing forgery.

The woman is accused of forging a signature appended on a spousal consent mortgage application document presented to NCBA bank on November 4 last year.

She is accused of forging the signature appearing on the document named the man as her spouse on November 4 last year with intent to deceive.

The man did not sign and was not aware that the woman had listed him as her husband in the document he purportedly signed.

The suspect was accused of faking the signature with intent to deceive.

She is also accused of forging an advocate’s signature appended to the form.

The document is purported to have been signed by a lawyer on November 4 last year.

She is also accused of uttering a false document after she presented the spousal consent form to the bank falsely naming the man as her spouse.

The woman denied the charges.