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Woman’s dilemma with HIV positive lover sparks interesting online debate

A Nairobi woman’s dilemma with her lover who is HIV positive has sparked an interesting conversation online.

The woman, whose identity cannot be reveled, revealed on Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums that she is madly in love with an HIV positive man.

She narrated how the two got intimate but used protection before her lover confessed to having HIV.

The woman went on to ask the women in the closed group to advise her on whether to follow her heart and mad love for the man or protect herself from infection.

“Haki this situation is too hard… met a man he is deeply in love but problem he has confessed he is positive, nimejaribu kumkimbia he knows where I live and he comes begging for ma love kneeling, this made me cry coz I can’t offer him what he wants.. .the best part is that we had f*** but with protection before he confessed… I don’t want to stigmatize him because this disease can prey anyone at any time. Ladies your advices are highly appreciated. No insults please,” the woman wrote.

One woman advised, “Do you love him? If yes, worry not, attend the clinic with him u will be guided on PrEP, use them only for 6 months then have a full sex life. HIV sio tisho tena we love them as they are. Gud luck.”

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a way for people who do not have HIV but who are at substantial risk of getting it to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill everyday.


Research has shown that the drug reduces the risk of HIV infection with up to 96 per cent, the drug was incorporated into the country’s HIV prevention roadmap as the most recent strategic framework.

Another user wrote, “Don’t risk your life for mistaken love, especially wakati wa kudaganyana you feel unapendwa kumbe hakuna. Ukimwi sio mchezo, I wish ungejua vile mtu huteseka. Can’t dare hata.”

Another member added, “For one don’t be fooled. If this man truly loved you, he’d have told you his situation before y’all got intimate. U don’t have to run away from him but just be firm. Life is too short.”

A woman commented, “Anyone can get the disease but think of that situation vice versa… if it were you… would he have stayed? I think it’s good you follow what your heart desires but for me issa no…#selflove.”

Another stated, “Shida ni uishi maisha yako yote ukijikinga ukimwi na lenga walio nayo kisha uhare asubuhi moja na ufe tu hivyo au uende kuvuka barabara na ugongwe na gari ufe, life is short give the guy a chance but visit the clinic and get PrEP.”