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Woman fined for beating up colleague in public

A woman who assaulted and injured her colleague on the forehead for revealing she did not have a national ID will pay a Sh20,000 fine after pleading guilty to assault charges at Kibera law courts.

In default, Lorene Josephine Atieno will serve a six months jail term for the offence.

Atieno admitted to injuring her workmate Benta Atieno using a nail cutter and sitting on her after wrestling her down during the petty fight in Kawangware, Nairobi on June 10.

The court heard that Benta, who is the complainant, was on her way home from work when she met Atieno.

Both have been having personal differences at their workplace.

Benta stopped Atieno so that they can solve their differences but Atieno pounced on her demanding to know why she always tells people that she does not have ID.

Atieno grabbed Benta by the neck and threw her onto the ground, sat on her bottoms, punched and scuffed her face with the nails.

Benta was rescued by members of the public who intervened and restrained Atieno and her friend from further after she raised the alarm.

She sought medication thereafter and later made a report to the police.

At the court, Atieno accused Benta of mischief and always treating her with contempt and apologised profusely for the offence before senior principal magistrate Philip Mutua.

“She also slapped me too. But I am sorry. Forgive me your honor. I acted out of anger. I will not repeat,” she pleaded with Mutua.