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Woman charged with attempting to kill husband’s ‘lover’

A woman has been charged with attempted murder at the Milimani Law Courts.

Sheila Andayi Okwomi was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Wendy Kagendo Michemi to plead to charges of attempting to kill a Kamiti Maximum Prison nutritionist whom she suspected of engaging in an extra-marital affair with her husband.

The accused allegedly poured petrol on the clothes of Nancy Wanjiru Njeri with the intention of setting her ablaze.

The charges against her read that on April 8, 2021, at about midday at the GK Kamiti Maximum Security prison in Kasarani sub-county within Nairobi City County in the Republic of Kenya, she attempted unlawfully to cause the death of Nancy Wanjiru Njeri by pouring a petroleum substance on her at a close range.

According to the Police, on November 10, 2021 the complainant who is attached at Kamiti Maximum Prison as a nutritionist reported at Kimiti Command radio studio alleging the Sheila Andayi Okomwi had threatened to kill her.

“She complained that she received threatening abusive and defamatory messages through her mobile phone by Sheila Andayi” reads the police investigation diary.

Further police allege on April 9 2021 the complainant made another report to the serious crime unit office at the DCI headquarters alleging the accused attempted to kill her by pouring petroleum on her on the previous day while she engaged in an official vaccination exercise of the Covid-19 jabs.

The report further says on the material day the accused went to the vaccination center where the complainant was administering the covid19 vaccine to get a jab.

On April 8 2021 at around 12:30 pm the accused was accompanied by a her4-year-old child and her sister who was carrying a manila bag with the substance in it.

Upon approaching the complainant she poured the liquid substance on her clothes forcing the complainant to stop abruptly the vaccination exercise.

The complainant went to her house and changed the clothes with the liquid substance.

She carried the clothes laced with the liquid substance and reported the matter to DCI Kasarani.

On 14th April 2021, the investigating team submitted to government chemistry the clothes for forensic analysis to ascertain the nature of the substance.

The results tested positive for petroleum substances.

The investigations concluded that the accused had pre-determined to harm her.

The accused on interrogation claimed she suspected the complainant was having an affair with her husband.

She’s been released on a Sh600,000 cash bail.