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Woman arrested by shop owners for stealing underwear

A woman was on Friday nabbed by retailers in Meru town for stealing women’s underwear.

The shop owners had tracked the light skinned and dread-locked woman to the Maua matatu terminal moments after she had stolen the underwear, popularly referred to as ‘bikers’.

Reports indicate she was found with the stolen clothes stuffed in her brassier.

TThe retailers frogmarched the woman back to Murry Fashions shop where she had allegedly stolen the underwear among other clothing items.

They locked her inside the shop and stood guard at the door to wait for the arrival of police. They claimed the woman was part of a gang of women operating in the town.

An eyewitness said the woman was accompanied by four other women who managed to escape.

“She was not alone, four of her colleagues escaped and we were only able to capture her,” said Miss Mariam Omar, who was in the shop.

Miss Omar said she is the one who found the stolen clothes hidden in the woman’s brassier when she was caught.

“We brought her back to the shop and locked her  to wait for the police to come for her. We asked her where she came from and she said she is from Ruiri although she is part of a well-known gang of women from Kaithe,” Miss Omar said.

The woman was later taken to the Meru police station.