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Woman arrested for husband’s death

A Kibera food-seller in Kibera was found dead in unexplained circumstances.

Tom Nyandwaro ran a food house near Olympic Primary School.

Neighbours said his wife had eloped with another man only returning home a fortnight ago.

They said Nyandwaro came home at 10 pm, Monday night, drunk and picked a quarrel with his wife who had evacuated his children to a friend’s home.

His lifeless body was found on Tuesday  morning on his bed in another room but not their matrimonial bed.

Village elder Isaya Otawa said: “They were not sleeping in the same bed. They have been quarrelling over many issues including a younger man she has been living with.”

Relatives and neighbours confirmed the couple has had a strained relationship.

The couple ran a joint account but the wife had a separate one, our reporter was told.