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Woman accused of killing lover in Umoja freed on bond -VIDEO

The 29-year-old woman charged with the murder of her lover she allegedly stabbed three times during a domestic fight at their rented house in Umoja, Nairobi has been freed on bond.

Vigilance Shighi was charged with the murder of aeronautical engineer Edward Okello inside his house in Umoja on May 2. She denied committing the murder on June 9.

Shighi, 29, is accused of fatally injuring Okello during a fight.

Okello succumbed to injuries at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole where he was rushed after the incident.

He had three stab wounds on the chest and abdomen inflicted with a knife.

The suspect was arrested moments after the incident and has been in police custody since. She was charged with the murder.

Shighi had made an application for bail and bond on June 24 through lawyer Jack Brian Ong’anya of Ong’anya Ombo Advocates.

The late Edward Okello’s father Saul Fredrick Okello outside Buruburu police station. PHOTOS | JOSEPH NDUNDA

She dismissed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ averments opposing her release on bond and pledged to attend court when required and to always continue to do so if released on bail pending trial.

The DCI had claimed that she might interfere with prosecution witnesses.

“The identity of the prosecution witnesses has not been disclosed to me and as such the argument that I will interfere with witnesses does not hold water. I have no prospects whatsoever of jumping bail since I have my siblings and ageing parents to look after,” she stated in her affidavit supporting her application.

“Denying me bail is like denying my siblings and ageing parents an opportunity to get the most basic of needs like food, clothing and assurance of medical care and attention.”

She was released on a Sh1 million bond with a surety of similar amount and an alternative cash bail of Sh500,000 by Justice Luka Kimaru.

The deceased’s father Saul Fredrick Okello said he did not know what transpired during the virtual proceedings because he was told to wait outside and was not called when the case started.

He wanted to follow proceedings as Kimaru delivered his verdict on Shinghi’s bail application pending and during her trial.

Editor’s note:

The initial story contained an inadvertent error. The correct position is that Vigilance Shighi Muavua is represented by Jack Brian Ong’anya of Ong’anya Ombo Advocates.