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Wingroad’s revs keep going down

Dear Neto,

I drive a Nissan Wingroad 2005 model and it loses power even when my foot is on the gas pedal.

The revs go down and at times, the engine shuts off completely. I have also experienced hard starts in the morning and I hardly rev beyond 3,000rpm without engine hesitation.

It has been checked twice (computer diagnosis) but no errors were detected. What could be the problem?


Dear Kamulu,

If no  errors are detected, turn to areas where there are no sensors to detect minor malfunctions.

If all spark plugs are okay, I suspect a weak fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter. It is assumed that Wingroads do not have inline filters.

The truth is that their inline filters are separated from the fuel pump but situated in the fuel tank.

It should not be confused with the modern in-tank filters which are a single unit combining the filter and the fuel pump.

Get the fuel filter removed from the tank and replace it to see if you will experience any changes.


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