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Willy Paul’s move from gangs to God

Gospel singer Wilson Paul, commonly known as Willy Paul, has  been in the industry for only three years but according to him, he feels that he has already spent a life time in it.

Willy started his career with a bang – veteran producer JBlessings was always there to guide him and a collabo with Gloria Muliro – it was no secret that he was destined for greatness.

However, his story has not been without scandals which have made him a favourite of blogs and idle conversation.

Born and bred in Mathare slum, life was not easy for Willy, who together with his three siblings, watched as his parents worked long and hard to keep their heads above water.

Their life took a turn for the worst when their father fell ill and was bedridden. “I was in high school then. He just started feeling ill and before we knew it, he got a stroke.

He couldn’t walk or go to look for work,” said the 20-year-old.

Willy had to drop out of school so that the money for his tuition could be channelled to foot his dad’s medical bills.

To pass time, he joined a local gang but added that his mother always kept a tight leash on him to ensure that he never strayed.

He started recording music after his father’s death in 2011.

“When my father died, I thought that the world was ending especially after my mother was chased away from her in-laws home and we had to come back to Nairobi to begin life from scratch. That is why I always say that if people knew what I have been through, they would learn to leave me alone.” said Willy during the interview in his house which is totally a bachelor’s den.

The living area only has the essentials like a five-seater couch, a Sony Bravia flat screen and home theatre.

He said he chose a Christian life after all the members of his gang were shot by police.

This, he noted, was his turning point and from then on, he decided to give his life to  serve God to whom he attributed his success.

When I asked him about the Pendo saga, he said they were just rumours and nothing more than that, and added that he now understands why his fellow musicians always advise him against believing everything said by the public. Rumour had it that the two were an item.

He has also ironed out the misunderstanding he had with Gloria and JBlessings and are now working on a collabo.

“I decided to do another song with Gloria because we have good chemistry with the music we produce, but I am also releasing my own songs so that I can prove that I can also write hit songs alone,” he said.