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Will I get Mazda Bongo spares?

Dear Neto,

I am thinking of opening a business soon. My mind and pocket ability are zeroing in on a Mazda Bongo Brawny van. Friends and relatives are telling me that spares may be an issue. Could that really be true? I will appreciate your advice. Thanks.


Dear Abel,

Are you intending to run a matatu business or some sort of private delivery? If yes, I wouldn’t object in any away.

I have driven and diagnosed these vans and pickups and honestly found them more compact than the regular Nissan vans used as Public Service Vehicles (PSV).  Unfortunately, Mazda Bongo production was discontinued some years back and could be the reason why your friends are fretting about spares.

But your dreams are not entirely shattered because the Bongo has been relaunched under new names such as Ford Ecovan, Mitsubishi Delica and Nissan Vanette.

You wouldn’t tell the difference if you are not keen.

Nissan Vanette is the most dominant of the rebadged models and I have seen numerous ones in many Kenyan towns giving taxi services and the operators say spares are available. I do not know if Delica, Bongo and Vanette share the parts but I would recommend the Vanette.

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