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Why your iridium spark plugs will last forever

Dear Neto,

I have a 2007 Honda CRV which I imported last year. When I took the car for service recently, I was told the car is fitted with iridium spark plugs and they do not need to be changed for another 30,000kms.

What are iridium spark plugs and how can they last for so long? How much will they cost me and where can I get them when they need to be replaced?


Dear John,

I agree with whoever told you that iridium spark plugs do not need changing for a long while. Iridium as a metal is not easy to use in its pure form. It is hard and brittle so it is used as an alloy in spark plugs and has a huge advantage over standard copper spark plugs.

It has an extremely high melting point and that is why it is not only used in spark plugs but also in other industrial igniter electrodes.

Iridium plugs last for many kilometers because they do not require high voltages to jump the spark gap. That means there’s less chance of failure.

The few mentioned facts make the iridium spark plugs last ten times more than the standard plugs, with very little reduction in efficiency in the plugs’ lifespan.

Iridium spark plugs are more expensive compared to standard ones. I do not know how much they will cost you but you can call or visit Honda Nairobi situated on Mombasa Road (opposite Vitafoam) where they run a showroom parts and service centre.  You will be lucky if you visit when they have some offers.


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