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Why you need to stay positive

The story is told of an old lady who woke up one morning and, on looking in the mirror, saw that she only had three strands of hair on her head.

It didn’t bother her; she simply braided her three strands and had a great day.

Days later when preparing to leave their house, she saw that she had only two strands of hair left, she twisted them together and had a great day.

On the day when she noticed that she had only one strand left, she held it up in a ponytail and had a great day. When she finally saw that she was bald, she said, “Finally. How wonderful. I won’t have to waste time doing my hair anymore.”

The one thing that stands out is her commitment to stay positive, a choice which kept her happy all the time.

How can one manage to stay positive even when things are going down hill?

Jedida Kagendo a life coach with VJHommes Solutions says that the most important step is to shift your focus from what is causing you distress.

She says that when you look at your whole life, more often than not you will realise that your life is not nearly as bad as the situation makes it look like, and that there are people whose lives are far worse than yours.

This old lady seemed to realise that there were worse things that could have happened than losing all of her hair.

When you come to this realisation, you can maintain this positive outlook by taking care of your body and soul. Eat well, sleep and keep the company of positive minded people.