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Why This is Ess’ engagement broke the Internet… and Mwirigi’s heart

It is perhaps one of the best things to happen on Kenya’s blogsphere since Makmende.

Yes, we are talking about the engagement of popular fashion blogger, the lovely This Is Ess (born Sharon Mundia).

It all started early Tuesday when she posted pictures of the engagement on her social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“NEW POST UP! My Engagement Story 🙂 <3 I’m getting marriiiiiieed! WOOP!!” read the post that redirected her followers to her blog.

From there, all hell broke loose! Within minutes, the website crashed. “Error 504,” was all readers would get.

“Sorry guys, the site has crashed cs (sic) too many people were trying to come on at the same time. Trying to fix it ASAP!” the blogger apologised moments later.

Yes, This Is Ess’ engagement broke the internet! And efforts to increase the website’s capacity failed, said the blogger.


But it would emerge later, the internet was not the only thing she broke. This Is Ess’ engagement to one Lonina Leteipan, the Youth Banking Manager at Chase Bank, broke the heart of a male tweeter called Mwirigi, hence the hashtag #PoleKwaMwirigi.

Friends of the two say Mwirigi, who is a brother to a female member of a high-flying Kenyan music band, has had a crush on the blogger for years (I dare say many more hearts are bleeding albeit in silence).

This Is Ess did not make things easier by a tweet to @Mwirigi, which many latched onto, claiming the bloke had been ‘friend-zoned’.

The tweet read: “@Mwirigi can we still be friends though?!”

Mwirigi responded graciously: “@ThisisEss Always. Congratulations to you and Mr. L. Sorry about all this noise, such is the internet. Have an amazing day.”

He then followed it with another tweet trying to persuade Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) to focus on the blogger and her fiancé.

“Lakini guys, for real, when all is said and done, today isn’t about me. Congratulations to the Happy Couple,” he wrote.

But KOT would hear none of it – they camped on Twitter trolling Mwirigi for hours on end with memes, videos and tweets.


Even Mwirigi’s Meru Governor Peter Munya joined the fray: “@Mwirigi Pole sana. Your county is with you. #PoleKwaMwirigi.”

Popular blogger Robert Alai also tried to come to his defence with this tweet but failed: “If it was a lady being trolled in #PoleKwaMwirigi, all Kilimani nudists would have been up in arms.”

Every minute, the hashtag went crazier. Then corporates and other organizations joined the party with offers to “console” him.

The Higher Education Loans Board ‏(@HELBpage) wrote: “#PoleKwaMwirigi we shall issue you with a clearance certificate once you clear off your loan to boost your status quo #LipaHelbTuesday.”

Kenya Power (@KenyaPower) offered him: “@Mwirigi we will supply you with uninterrupted power for u to blast some music and drown the sorrow. #PoleKwaMwirigi.”

Zetech University (‏@ZetechUni) even offered offered him a Diploma in Counselling Psychology. “It might help you deal @Mwirigi. #PoleKwaMwirigi,” the college tweeted.

Airtel Kenya (‏@AIRTEL_KE) also weighed in: “@Mwirigi communication is key in relationships. Can we offer you a line? #PoleKwaMwirigi”

KCB Bank Group (@KCBGroup) wrote: ‏“We are engaged to you and you can be sure we will be by your side for better or for worse. ION @Mwirigi #KCBLovesYou”