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Why Kenyans on Twitter want Naikuni arrested

Former Kenya Airways chief executive Titus Naikuni has landed himself in trouble for his latest utterance.

On Tuesday when he appeared before a select committee of the Senate to defended his tenure at the struggling national carrier, Naikuni instead blamed terrorism for KQ’s record Sh 25.7 billion loss.

Naikuni told the Senators that persistent terror attacks in the country by the Somalia based Al-Shabaab led to a significant drop of passengers compared to what the airline’s management had predicted.

According to Naikuni, this in turn affected the airline’s expansion plans that had seen them invest in more aeroplanes under the Mawingu project.

The Senators however differed with Mr Naikuni’s explanation and so did #KOT who are now calling for his arrest through the hashtag #ArrestNaikuni which has been trending since Tuesday.

Here are a few tweets from KOT who are baying for the former KQ boss’ blood.

COFEK for Consumers! @ConsumersKenya # ArrestNaikuni: Useless even before Ekaterina of #ICC. If there was anything in his closet he cleaned it Kidero-style.

[email protected]: There will be no Justice in this country when People like Naikuni are free men # ArrestNaikuni.

[email protected]: Was KQ were offering free flights or how did they come up with losses amounting to billions!!!# ArrestNaikuni.

Nguchita [email protected]: The reason I hate fake theories of how a Kenyan Entrepreneur Started Dairy Farmin with only one Cow and now owns a 5starHotel #ArrestNaikuni.

CiTi [email protected]Kenya is a country where investing in Maasai cattles is more stable and rewarding than buying shares at a multi-billion KQ #ArrestNaikuni.