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Why Karua blocked Sonko on Twitter

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was treated to a rude shock after he tried viewing former presidential candidate Martha Karua’s Twitter timeline only to find that he had been blocked.

Sonko tweeted a screenshot of the block message when he tried accessing Karua’s Twitter captioning it, “Ala.”

The screenshot was retweeted widely and eventually Ms Karua responded to the outburst on why she blocked the Senator tweeting, “@njendani @kenyanpundit @MikeSonko indeed I exercise my right to choose who to associate with.”


On Tuesday, Sonko responded to Karua’s tweet by quoting it and stating, “blocking is not the answer.”

The former presidential aspirant responded in the conversation thread stating, “@njendani @mwaura_beatrice @MikeSonko @kenyanpundit blocking, unfollowing & following are all choices open to Twitter users I bet we all use!”

She added in response to the tweeps who weighed in the discussion, “@njendani @dopegit @MikeSonko @kenyanpundit you got it! We all choose the company we keep if we are honest!”

It is not clear how and when the two leaders clashed to warrant the using of the blocking feature on Twitter although their interaction on Twitter indicates that Sonko has lashed out at Ms Karua in the past.

In the August 2014 conversation, Karua had tweeted, “Kenya is a corporation where each citizen is an equal share holder! Leaders are trustees running the corporation on our behalf!”

Sonko responded to the tweet that was retweeted widely saying, “@MarthaKarua don’t forget that u r also a leader.”