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Why every hawker wants a piece of Donholm

The once bare sides of the Donholm main road are now sprawled with makeshift market stalls because of increased development activities.

Donholm’s population has increased following construction of residential estates and social amenities. This has also attracted hawkers.

They have taken advantage of the residents’ purchasing power, providing goods that include second-hand clothes, groceries, steel and construction materials at affordable prices.

Hawking hotspot

Hawking hotspots in Donholm include the area behind Total Petrol station, popularly known as Caltex, main gates to residential estates like Savanna, Phase 5 and 8, Harambee Sacco, and Jacaranda.

The area outside Greenspan Shopping Mall is the latest. James Maina, a clothes seller near the perimeter wall of the mall, said the area had more activity compared to other places in Donholm.

“I started selling here recently because when the mall customers are moving out, they easily spot us. Many have loose change which they want to dispose of. It then becomes easier for me to convince them to buy,” he said.

Many of the hawkers said they were not ready to move elsewhere. They jostle for space with pedestrians.

“Caltex is a mini marikiti, with shoes, bags and vegetables lying out on every space. Other road users, especially pedestrians, are forced to go for the temporary footpath that is always congested. Hawkers shouldn’t take over our space. It creates a ready market for pick pockets as well,” lamented a resident of Old Donholm.

Despite the risks, locals do not mind sharing the roads with the hawkers.