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Why does my tyre wobble at low speed

Hi Neto,

I seem to have a problem with one of my wheels, while driving at low speeds i.e. 60kmh or below, one wheel tends to wobble and the wobbling effect wears off at higher speeds. I check pressures frequently but the problem persists. What do you think could be the problem?


Dear Kaveni,

There are several reasons the tyres wobble at low speeds. I suspect you could have a loose wheel, not secured well by the wheel nuts or you could have a bent wheel.

Have you tried swapping it with the others to see if it still wobbles? The tyre could also be deformed inside as seen in steel belted tyres or there’s an irregular bulge causing the wobbling.

Get your car jacked up and try to wiggle the wheel holding it at the top and bottom to see if there’s any looseness. It could be some loose nuts securing the strut to the hub, some loose suspension joints.

Be advised that wobbling wheels pose such grave safety concerns and you should visit a tire or repair shop as soon as possible.


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