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Why children entertainers are going to malls

The growing number of malls has formed a base for the establishment of high-end indoor family entertainment centres.

With the huge space that comes with these projects, entrepreneurs keen to establish children’s entertainment centres are bringing in fresh ideas.

They are moving away from the traditional open grounds to more guarded environments.

Funscapes is an entertainment centre at Thika Road Mall. It gives children a chance to enjoy activities that can be experienced outdoors except for video games.

The shop uses a card system for payment.

The system involves a parent or guardian loading money on the card and using it to access various activities for the child. The games cost between Sh50 and Sh450 an hour, depending on type.

Junction Mall also plays host to Jungle Bungle which has activities ranging from trampoline, children’s parties to baby gym.

“We don’t have to spend so much in advertisement as the malls give us visibility and traffic,” said Caesar Bwore, manager Star Jump.

Since holidays are over, the establishments are not doing so well.

“We were always busy during holidays but since the year began, we have experienced minimal traffic,”