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Which low budget station wagon do I go for?

Dear Neto,

I wish to have my first low budget car, preferably a station wagon. A Probox was my choice but the pocket doesn’t allow. I want to buy a newer ex-Japan model, seven-years-old instead of a third or fourth hand overpriced local Toyota. I’m torn between Nissan Advan, Honda Airwave and Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo.

Which one offers longevity, availability of fairly priced spares and better resale?


Hi Anthony,

Seems your pocket might not allow you to get any of these models because they cost more than a locally used, fourth hand, Probox. Honda leads in longevity, then Mitsubishi with the Advan at the tail.

I no longer trust body panels on the Honda. They could be as useless as the ones on Wingroads and the latest Impreza models.  When it comes to spares, Honda and Mitsubishi will get you running around town or marry you to dealerships.

That would not be the case with the Advan unless you  buy one with extra body gear.

Nissan will sell at your door step while the others will take weeks at the bazaar unless they are very clean. A Honda is well-built and the electronics in it like makes it stand out. All the models have an average engine capacity of 1.5 litres and better designed CVT transmissions that do well in fuel economy.

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