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Where are they now?

Over the years we have seen artistes hit the  entertainment scene with a bang only to disappear soon after. Here are some who rocked our world and left us wanting more.


Who can forget these guys with their controversial hit songs Nampenda John and Jogoo?

Wakimbizi was made up of two brothers, Mariko and Filter and Andree who was their childhood friend.

They came out in the 90s with their song Nishike Pole Pole which became an instant club hit. They then released Wrong Number, a song about sugar mummies who prey on young boys.

This was then followed by Nampenda John a song whose true meaning I blush to talk about.

Nonetheless it was their most successful song and enabled them to gain massive recognition for their ability of playing with words to give hidden meanings.

Their last song Jogoo also did very well.

Wakimbizi still reside in the city and are in plans to produce a comeback album that they are working on.

[email protected]

James Wathigo Mburu a.k.a [email protected] started his music career very young.

While in form four, Jimwat went to Calif Records and recorded his first song, Sema Nami Sweetie.

On clearing high school, Jimwat released it and was shocked by the positive response. The same year, he was featured by Rhaptaz, a group composed of Gabu of P-Unit in the song Paulina which became a club hit and was used in the Close-Up Dance-o-Mania competition.

He also did videos for the songs that same year. He was also featured in Jua Cali’s Kwa Album Yangu and Wanakimbia, which are in Juacalisekta, a mini album by Jua Cali.

He then went on to pursue a solo career. In the same year, Jimwat released his most popular Single to date, Under 18, in which he featured Meg C.

In 2009, He was involved in a UN peace campaign where he collaborated in a peace song with artists Jua Cali, Mejja, Nyota Ndogo, Mr Lenny among other top artistes in Kenya. He also worked on an anti-corruption song, Simama, with top Kenya artists.

He later released a mellow jam, Fall in Love. His last release entitled Fan Wangu, was a dedication to his loyal fans.

Rumours have been going round that the much celebrated singer has been lost to addiction hence the absence and silence from him. We could not verify this as there was nowhere to reach [email protected] but we can only hope that these are just rumours.

Ukoo Flani Maumau

There is no way to go back in time without mentioning hip-hop heavy weights Ukoo Flani Mau Mau.

The group is made up of two groups; Ukoo Flani from the coast and Mau Mau from Nairobi. They joined forces to become the most respected name in their genre Ukoo Flani Maumau.

Their songs have been termed as Kenyan Hip Hop classics with songs like Burn Them, Dandora l.o.v.e among others topping the charts for the longest time.

Unfortunately they split in early 2000. However some, like Sharama launched solo careers and have been doing very well, releasing singles and various collabos.

Swahili Nation

This group was one of the best RnB groups back in the 1990’s. It was made up of two brothers Andrew and Robert Muturi and the late Cool James who later left the group.

The Muturis then added Ken Kayongo and Charlie Todwong from Uganda.

In 1994 Robert founded Groove Sounds while in Sweden, and eventually left the group. Ken, Charlie and Andrew were left to work on their first album, teaming up with Dr. Alban of Dr. Record’s fame.

Dr. Alban helped them release Hakuna Matata which is one of the biggest RnB hits ever out of East Africa.


Morrine Otiya was famous for her role as Lindi in Kenya’s classic TV Series Tausi.

She waltzed into the entertainment industry when she was only 10 years old and managed to become a favourite to many at a time when local productions were still very new in Kenya.

Lindi was the orphaned girl who was forced to live with an aunt, her only living relative, who was very harsh to her.

Her role as the orphaned, lonely girl forced to do house chores moved most of her fans to tears and kept them waiting for the next episode to unfold.

Unfortunately when the programme stopped airing on KBC that was the last we saw of this talented actress.