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When will leaders work if all they do is fight?

From the day Governor Evans Kidero and Women’s Representative Rachel Shebesh were alleged to have engaged in a scuffle last year, the city has been distracted by the feud.

It is only last week that the matter was officially closed.

But even before the dust settled on the Kidero-Shebesh saga, there was an emerging rift between Dr Kidero and Sen Mike Sonko on how the County’s affairs were being run.

There were accusations and counter accusations with the bitter landing at the door of the Senate itself.

This means, since they were elected, the three leaders have never sat down and held joint talks on issues affecting the city.

Its problems require concerted efforts and the lack of working harmony has begun to bite. Many residents are at a loss to know where the county is heading.

Are the leaders working towards a similar vision? The answer is No.

What these feuds do is ensure key leaders avoid each other and hit out automatically at whatever the other suggests.

This acrimony trickles down to leaders in the lower ranks as some seek to become allied to more senior figures.

In the long run, there is no joint effort to improve service delivery.

The old saying about unity being strength should be exploited if this county is to be managed well.

As it is, the county is at risk of being an example of how not to run a rich county’s affairs.

With the highest GDP and smallest geographical area, we should not be trailing poorer counties in performance.

We should be the example of how a unity of purpose can ensure resources reach the grassroots.

We appreciate each leader has a mandate to fulfil. It will be faster and beneficial to all if they worked together.

We therefore urge the three leaders to stop their bickering immediately and instead forge a new working relationship to benefit the whole city.

It is no more than what they were elected to do.

Trying to outdo one another is not good for the city. With all the push and pull it is the city that suffers and no leader will want to be ranked among failures.

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