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WhatsApp upgrade to allow you ignore group invitations in advance

WhatsApp is planning an update that will allow you to review group invitations in advance, ultimately silencing the serial group admins who add everyone without prompting them.

Users have in the past complained about being added into groups they did not consent to and often having to leave the groups.

The app developers are currently working on an update that will prompt you to okay group invitations.

The new feature is already being tested by iOS beta testers and will soon be rolled out for all users.

Once the new feature is added, users will be required to use the privacy setting to choose; everyone – if they do not mind being added into groups, my contacts – if they only want those in their list of contacts to add them and no one – if they want to authorize all group additions.

The update will also have an option for users to change into a dark mode for power saving or so as not to strain eyes with the white background.

WhatsApp status will also be updated to have those you interact with most appearing at the top as opposed to the current feed that ranks most recent statuses at the top.