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What to get her this Christmas if you have no idea or time to shop

Most men will not admit it but they will always wait until the last minute without thinking twice about what to get their spouses for Christmas.

The good news is things have changed and it is not as it used to be back when you had to walk in crowded streets in town shopping for the gift. Here is a list of gift ideas you might consider.

2. Cookbook

There’s something about getting meal inspiration from the glossy pages of a cookbook that just doesn’t compare to what you download online. It will be good for you to get her a good cookbook so that she can be able to cook for you instead of going out for dinner every time. But this is a gift of someone who likes to cook and not the “good old what my mother taught me.” Think anything from all day breakfast to fried chicken.

3. Brass Cuff

Equally elegant and durable, the brass cuff can be found at any open Maasai market in the city which are crafted entirely by hand. If you’re looking for a classic piece of jewelry but aren’t sure where to start or what size to pick up, just walk in any shops that sell tourist merchandise and you be good.

4. Stackable Rings

Rings are an inherently sentimental gift, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be playful too. You’ve probably greeted someone who was wearing these stackable rings and wondered why such a respectable person was wearing them. These rings can be worn one at a time or paired together (you choose the combination). From simple signet rings to more dazzling options, these are guaranteed to be a welcome addition to her jewelry arsenal.

5. Wine

If she’s the type of girl who finds any excuse to pop open a bottle of wine, then a good bottle would be a great gift. With the home delivery in Kenya now becoming an in thing, you can get perfect kit for space-strapped wine enthusiasts.

6. Watch

For the classic woman, a nice simple watch will always make a statement without being flashy. A sleek and simple watch will make her feel even more femininity at its best.