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What makes these engines different?

Dear Neto,

I am a VW Golf enthusiast currently driving the old MK2 with a CFI engine. I want to change to the newer and more fuel efficient models. What is the difference between the EFI and the FSI models? Marcus


Dear Marcus,

I also liked the power on the older MK2 models even though they were not fuel friendly. The FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) is a variant of the  electronic fuel injection system.

Unlike the older EFI system where the injection was done in the intake tract, the fuel is pressurised and directly injected into the combustion chamber of each cylinder via a common-rail fuel line. Car makers have been toiling to improve emission levels, fuel efficiency and increase on power outputs.

FSI is an injection arrangement that has achieved command of all these important engine aspects. The engine management system is more intelligent and chooses through different combustion modes that ensure optimum fuel use in light loads, moderate conditions, heavy loads and rapid acceleration.

The FSI models are silent and handle well, more so with the traction controls. Go for it as long as you have a good mechanic who can handle the engine system. If you can afford the dealerships well and good.