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What happened to police on skates project?

A project launched last year that envisioned police in Nairobi on roller skates chasing after muggers, pick pockets and notorious street gangs is yet to roll out ten months down the line.

The Administration Police unit of 40 police officers was to specialize in using roller skates to ease their mobility within the city centre.

Administration Police Spokesperson, Masoud Munyi in April 2014 explained that the tactic was to enhance the mobility of the officers in the city, especially when chasing after petty thieves.

He said that though the unit had passed out at the AP training School in Embakasi, they were still under intense training before deployment to patrol Nairobi streets.


Ten months after the project was announced, city residents are yet to see the police on skates even as latest statistics rate the capital  to have the highest cases of crime.

Contacted by Nairobi News on Wednesday and Thursday for an explanation on the delay of the project, Mr Mwinyi refrained from giving out any information.

Calls, text messages and visits to his office were fruitless.

An Administration Police officer, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of victimization disclosed, that officers who were in the skating unit that displayed their skills during last year’s passing out parade have since been deployed across the country.

“The unit now has new recruits who are undergoing training to entertain guests in this year’s graduation,” said the officer.