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Westgate:Leaked photos prompt tight security

The Westgate Mall is still a no go-zone.

Police officers are especially under strict instructions not to allow journalists inside its damaged precincts.

Officers manning the area on Sunday said the fresh orders came after some journalists sneaked in and took pictures.

They told NairobiNews that their colleagues who were on duty on Saturday could face disciplinary action, with Gigiri OCPD keen to know how the journalists managed to breach the security line.

“It is being seen as if we are sleeping on the job,” said one of the officers who sought anonymity.

The disciplinary action threat follows several exposés by media houses including photos by New York Times and a report by the Sunday Nation.

Removing debris

Inside the mall, the cleanup was going on, with trucks and earth movers busy removing the debris from the collapsed area.

Mounds of concrete and bent steel rods continued to grow near what used to be the entrance to the iconic mall.

“It could take several weeks to get all the debris outside. The process is being undertaken carefully just in case there are any bodies lying under the rubble,” added the police officer.

The investigators combing through the remains at the mall have only recovered two KDF soldiers’ bodies.

On Saturday, CCTV footage aired by NTV showed only four attackers in the mall which has raised more questions as this is less than those reportedly killed and even lesser than the original 10-15 figure quoted by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku.

It remains unclear whether there were more attackers and if so, if they escaped or are trapped under the rubble.