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Welcome the warm weather with sandals

One of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear has got to be the Maasai sandal. Made from leather and beads, this sandal is a staple for most Kenyan women.

Easy on the pocket and even easier on the eye, the Maasai sandal has come a long way from plain leather straps and a smattering of neutral beads on a rubber base.

You can now buy a pair with an array of colours and patterns. And because they don’t require a chat with your bank’s relationship manager, or a size 10 body, splurging on Maasai sandals can be a thrilling guilty pleasure!

Initially available as flat sandals, you can now choose to indulge in the original-style flat Maasai sandals, or the new wedges. Still fashioned out of leather and rubber, shoe designers are producing grand patterns and designs that will flatter any feet!

When shopping for sandals, as with any shoe, try them on in the afternoon when your feet are slightly bigger. This way you will be able to find a sandal that will accommodate a little fluid build up from the day’s activities. Make sure it fits just right. It must not be too big or too small.

Caring for Maasai sandals is fairly easy. After wear, use a damp cloth to wipe away the dust. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the beads as well.

Do not use a brush on your sandals and never soak them in water, or wash them with soapy water.

These sandals are ideal for informal settings.