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WATCH: Breastfeeding hawker stages protest on top of kanjos’ pickup

A video of a breastfeeding hawker sitting on top of a pickup to protest the seizure of her wares by city askaris has gone viral on social media and elicited mixed reactions.

The woman is seen cradling her infant on top of a patrol pickup owned by Nairobi county government, before she starts breastfeeding as she claims of being assaulted by the askaris before they took her goods.

The incident took place outside the fire station on Tom Mboya Street and attracted a crowd.

“Wananichunachuna wananipiga mpaka huku, mizigo wamefungia kwa gari,” says the woman who is yet to be identified.

The video prompted many to condemn Governor Mike Sonko for allowing his askaris to terrorise hawkers.

Ali Hussein said; “This is happening at fire Station area! TEARS of oppressed! No comfort! Their own government against them! Makes you think the dead is happier than who is living! This Mother alleges to have been assaulted by the 047 county Askaris! She is begging for her seized goods.”

Zamzam Mohammed wrote; “God protect and provide for the poor mothers of this country, what’s happening to humanity, so sad indeed. Can someone trace for me this woman plse!”

Mwenjeri commented; “People should not be looking at her, they should have offloaded her stuff and make that mkembe bonfire. I am very disappointed!”

Pretty H stated; “I hate the city council of Nairobi.”

Mungainesh responded; “These Askaris are criminals, they lack human face, too the hawkers lack modesty, they have created the scenario by bribing the Askaris. There is a better way of dealing with hawker’s n managing city corridors.”

Kevin Kariuki said; “The county govt needs to do something about these kanjo askaris, they behave like they own the city.”

Hawkers and city askaris have been engaged in numerous run-ins as Kanjo seek to arrest vendors selling their goods at undesignated places in the CBD.

The askaris usually make daily patrols causing hawkers to always be on the lookout.