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Washiali in trouble over assault video

Kenyans on social media have reacted with fury after a video showing Member of Parliament for Mumias East constituency Benjamin Washiali assaulting a helpless person went viral.

In the minute-long video, the MP, donning a white shirt and dark trouser, is seen slapping, punching and kicking the man while in the company of his aides.

One of his aides is also seen roughing up the poor chap while asking him to account for the cash in his pockets.

However, the exact date and location of the incident remains unclear.

Washiali has explained that he meted out ‘punish’ on the man after he was found siphoning fuel from a tractor.

But Kenyans will hear none of it, instead urging the authorities to take action against the lawmaker.

“This guy is simply a criminal and should face full force of the law.Sometimes I wonder how such characters are voted as MPs – sisi ni wajinga,” David Omondi Rachier wrote on Facebook.

“Washiali for this you’ve lost it, your anger and frustrations has caused you… let the DCI take action and if possible Washiali to step aside for investigation,” commented Oirere Ben Mediator.

“Ashikwe haraka sana bad image to the government he knows very well and the law is clear DPP act as first as possible ama hata wewe hutajua wakenya tuko serious,” Albert Carlos said.

“What a coward. Who beats up a person who is restrained? If this was a boxing match between Washiali and the hapless man, I bet my last dollar that Washiali would have been floored,” Ahmed Mohamed commented.

“Assault..this guy should just move to the nearest police station and report this assault case,” Charles Waga wrote.

The Jubilee politician has in the past also been caught on camera assaulting Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya during the heated campaigns in the run up to the 2017 general elections.