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War of rhymes erupts between Kenyan female rappers Femi One and Njeri – VIDEO

A feud is brewing between female rappers Femi One and Njeri, who have made their dislike of each other public with their newly released dis tracks.

It all started when rapper Njeri wrote a reply song to the dispute that was going on between male rappers, Khaligraph, King Kaka among other rappers.

The musical row was started by gospel rapper Juliani when he asked who is the King of Hip Hop in his track Lord Forgive Me.

Njeri added her voice to the beef with her No King dis track and also dragged Femi One into her lyrics by mocking her for her Brikicho single that she said failed to become a hit.


She further went on to say in her lyrics that Femi One was getting a raw deal from her music stable.

Femi One has now hit back at Njeri with the song Pilau Njeri which starts with a short video of Njeri giving a shout out to artistes who have inspired her including Femi. She then moves on to mock Njeri on her Kikuyu accent, and “silly” rhymes, calling her songs trash music.

Either Njeri didn’t wait a year to respond to Femi, releasing a dis song this week titled Femiplan.

Feud between Hip Hop artistes is a common thing, in fact most international record labels relay on these feuds by artistes to make money.