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Waiguru: I’m yet to receive my lighter duties


Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru is yet to receive any lighter duties from President Uhuru Kenyatta, almost two months after her resignation from the cabinet.

In an interview on Citizen TV at the weekend, Ms Waiguru expressed her displeasure with how personal attacks were leveled against her during the National Youth Service saga and worse of all having her teenage son dragged into the matter.

While announcing her resignation in late November 2015, Waiguru cited health issues as the reason behind her decision to step down and requested the president to accord her lighter duties.

“I have therefore, following my doctor’s advice, requested his Excellency the President to relieve me of the responsibilities of the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning and should he find it fit, to accord me such lighter duties as he shall deem appropriate,” Waiguru said at the time.

But during Sunday’s live interview on prime time news, the former CS revealed that she had yet to have a conversation with the President regarding the said lighter duties.

She further expressed her unwillingness to return to the cabinet even after having mentioned earlier in the interview that her health has since improved.


The presenter further probed what the CS meant by lighter duties and if she would take some duties in government.

“I think I am open, any other… the lighter the better. I think I am committed to public service,” Ms Waiguru said.

The former CS further revealed that she was worth Sh160million with liabilities totaling to Sh80million.

“In terms of assets… counting this house which is on loan, maybe 160 or something. My house in Runda and this one and maybe a few others of maybe 10, 15 and then liabilities about 80. So really net value nothing significant to write home about,” she said.

The presenter then asked her if the figures were in millions which she confirmed.

Ms Waiguru had earlier explained that she lived in Runda before joining government and had a lifestyle long before becoming a cabinet secretary.

“I worked at the World Bank and as the assistant vice president at Citi Group before joining government so the things I own were acquired legally.”