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Vivo energy closes Shell Station caught up in ATM card scam

Vivo Energy Kenya, which operates Shell petrol stations, has apologized and closed its Ridgeways petrol station where one of its fuel attendants tried to steal a customer’s bank details from the ATM card Monday morning.

It all started when an unidentified motorist shared a message on social media, claiming that after giving an attendant the card to swipe, the attendant ran the card under a small machine he was holding under the authorised point of sale (POS) machine.


“I immediately inquired from him as to what he had just done. It was at this point that the attendant fled on foot, and while running he tossed the card skimmer he was using to steal client details for fraudulent purposes,” reads the message, which has gone viral, in part.

“I was, however, able to pursue him and apprehend him after about 1 km of pursuit of running, I subdued him and reported the matter to the police.”

Vivo now says it is aware of the incident and the station has since been shut and the retailer in-charge has been terminated.


“We are aware of reports an ATM Card details skimming with the purpose of performing fraudulent activities at Shell Ridgeways by a fuel attendant. We sincerely apologize to all our customers for this unfortunate incident.

“Vivo Energy Kenya, values its customers and always aims to provide quality products and services therefore providing lasting peace of mind for our customers,” reads the statement.