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Vital dating tips from Nairobi bartenders

Often times, the best dating advice comes from those that really know you – your close friends. Other times though, advice from a third party who is detached from the situation is best.

Nairobi News sought some dating tips from the people who have seen the good the bad and everything in between in regard to Nairobi’s dating scene. The bartenders we spoke to recommended these 8 pieces of dating advice;

1. About ogling other people – According to the bartenders, obviously staring at other people while on a date will more often than not ruin the said date. This especially goes for the men. When you start looking at other women, the women you are on a date with may not cause a fuss but her spirits will noticeably take a downwards plunge.

2. Don’t hit on the bartender – This is something that the Nairobi bartender sees a lot. A man on a date will try to pick up the woman that is serving them. On rare cases, a woman on a date will be flirting with the bartender. This never ends well.

3. Stop trying too hard – This apparently, is another dating mistake that Nairobians make. You go to the bar too intent on hooking up that you forget to have a good time. Usually people around you can smell desperation and it isn’t attractive.

4. Watch how you treat the waiters – For a lot of people, how their love interest treats the person who serves them at the restaurant or at the bar makes or breaks future prospects with that person. Our bartenders suggest that you be nice and polite.

5. Order the right drink – If you are a grown man or woman, then you know which drinks your body can take and which ones it can’t. It is a bad idea to order a drink you have never tried before while on a first date.

6. Have all your lines – Apparently, this happens a lot with the Nairobi man. He will walk up to a lady or a group of ladies but he will only have one line, the opening line. After that it is all downhill as he fumbles about and makes a fool of himself.

7. Don’t look at your phone Every so often, there is that one couple seated at a bar and one of them is looking at their phone the entire time. Not only is this rude, it is ruining the date for your love interest. You will have all the time after the date to look at your phone.

8. How to hit on her – According to our bartenders, the average Nairobi man is incessant and this attitude doesn’t work with the Nairobi woman. They suggest that you try complimenting a woman in a bar and then walking away. This, they swear, works magic.