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Village that offers more than culture

Started by the government in 1971 to preserve and promote diversity of the Kenyan people, Bomas of Kenya is a beautiful place to visit, especially for culture lovers.

You can spend a lovely afternoon there with your family or friends as you enjoy folk songs and learn about different Kenyan cultures.

Bomas of Kenya at the Lang’ata and Magadi roads junction,  about two kilometres from Nairobi National Park.

Bomas is derived from a Kiswahili word boma meaning homestead and it is a microcosm of many of the country’s ethnic communities.

Variety of shows

When you visit the place, especially in the afternoons during weekdays and in the evening during weekends, you will be treated to traditional dances, plays, skits and acrobatic shows.

The villages are a must-visit. They showcase cultural settings of many Kenyan communities including Luo, Luhya, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Taita, Maasai, Kamba, Kisii, Kuria and the Mijikenda.

The more than 20 homesteads around a village have a unique set-up that will let you enjoy the various communities’ ways of life, and also give you the feel of the countryside. The place is  refreshing, and a great learning tool, especially for children.

You can also enjoy traditional music and dances like the Agikuyu folk songs, the Swahili taarab, Kalenjin warrior songs and Embu folk songs.

Traditional foods

Visitors can sample an array of traditional African foods at the Utamaduni restaurant.

Entrance fee is only Sh100 for adults and Sh25 for children, while for non-Kenyan residents, the fee is higher at Sh600 for adults and Sh300 for children. There is also a secure parking for 3,000 cars, and traditional costumes for hire.