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Village hero reaps bountiful reward for constructing a road all by himself

A 45-year-old man from Kaganda village in Kiharu Constituency, Murang’a County, who built a road alone, has become the darling of many, including companies, which are now falling over themselves to appreciate his efforts.

Corporate firms, led by Kahuti Water and Sanitation Company, last week connected Nicholas Muchami’s home with water on the directive of the Water and Sanitation Principal Secretary Joseph Irungu.

ABC Bank is also set to buy home feeds for his cows for six months as well as enlist him in a sacco where he can save his milk earnings.

Rhino Mabati Factory, on the other hand, has given Muchemi several roof sheets for his cow shed while a quotation for electricity was also done to ensure his home is lit up soon.

Muchami decided to build a one-kilometre road connecting the locals to Kaganda shopping centre after the regular one was blocked by the land owner.


He told the Nation that his constant pleas to local leaders to have the road built forced him to take it up upon himself to work on it single-handedly.

“I had made desperate appeals to the local leaders to have the road built but all in vain. It was then that I decided to build it using my farm tools for the sake of women and children and to save time,” he said.

Armed with a fork jembe, a spade, an axe and a jerrican of water to quench his thirst, Mr Muchemi endured the scorching sun.

He would wake up as early as 6am and work until 6pm, all in a bid to save the locals from trekking for four kilometres to the shopping centre.

And in just eight days, Muchami did a 1.5 kilometres section that connected Hugo village with Kaganda ACK Church.