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Videos seized from suspect ‘have no link to terrorism’

Police did not seek the consent of a suspected terrorist to extract private videos depicting his militancy from his mobile phone, a trial court was told on Thursday.

The videos, a lawyer claimed, may as well have been for purposes of “modelling” and not for the instigation of terrorism and recruitment as the prosecution alleges.

Lawyer Chacha Mwita was defending Adan Mohammed alias Hassan Kare, a suspected terrorist arrested in Huruma, Nairobi, on March 15.


Mr Mohammed is charged with being a member of the outlawed Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

The extracts which were displayed in court on Thursday depict the suspect brandishing an AK 47 rifle and a pistol while donning  jungle fatigues.

The court heard the photos were retrieved from the suspect’s mobile phones but were taken at an unknown location.

Mr Mohammed is also charged with collecting information relating to terrorism, an offence the prosecution says he committed with others not before the court.

The hearing was adjourned to November 26.